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Tony: Hello everyone all of you fierce and fabulous fans of America's Next Top Model.

Welcome to our exclusive chat with the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 we have live in our studio Nyle.

Tony: Hi Nyle How are you? Nyle: Hi, I'm fine, I'm fine that you for having me.

Tony: No problem, Well welcome back first of all.

Nyle: Yes, well it is good to be back and in this room.

Tony: Yes, Now the first time we talked I had no idea I was already speaking to Americas Next Top Model.

How does it feel now that everything is out and you have been announced? Nyle: Well I just feel finally good I can tell the world its difficult to keep that a secret especially after seven months and actually to be Deaf winner also.

I have to say it is definitely inspirational.

Tony: Yeah well, I don't think I would be able to keep a secret like that If I won something I would have to tell somebody.

Nyle: Exactly and I wanted to the day after but I thought No.

I flew to Hawaii for three weeks that helped me just to get away and then when I came back I could just hit the ground running.

Tony: See that was a smart move I would have to go somewhere too just so I'm not in communication with anyone and I could totally be by myself.

Nyle: Exactly.


You know it definitely helped.

Tony: Yeah so um lets talk about the finale and all the emotions and adrenaline that was going on um how were you feeling leading into the final runway and your presentation how were you feeling about the competition at that point?.

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