America’s Next Top Model: Lost Season

[laughing] John: I can't, I can't do it like that.

[intro music] [static noise] [ANTM Theme]: You wanna be on top? [Tense music] Tyra: You two are exquisite, beautiful girls.

James: Girls? John: Ummmm Tyra: You take beautiful pictures.

but today when you both opened your mouths.

I said, there is no way that they can represent a product.

John: Tyra, please! I just wanna be the face of McDonald's.

James: You pretty much are the face of McDonald's, you look like a clown.

Tyra: You two were at the top of the pack, and now you stand before me, at the bottom.

James: John's the bottom.

John: That's not what she means, but fine.

Anyway, I have to disagree with you Tyra.

because our photos have been EVERYTHING Tyra: With modeling, you guys have to be on point.

you have to be fierce.

you have to be ready! James: I'm always ready.

I know exactly where the camera is at all times.

[ding] [James farts] Models: OMG [distraught gasps] Tyra: This is a joke to you.

James: No.

It's not Tyra.

I had Mexican food last night, but you don't know me.

John: Yeh, you don't know his life, TYRA! Tyra: You've been through anger management, you've been through your grandma getting her lights.

turned off to buy you a swimsuit for this competition.

John: It was a good swimsuit though.

It showed just enough skin.

James: Did she change her hair? Tyra: This should be serious to you.

John: IT IS! I mean I stand here every week trying to be fierce for you.

I'm just sick of being disappointed.

Tyra: If you were sick of being disappointed you would stand up and you would take control of your destiny.

Do you know you had a possibility to win? James & John: Well of course I knew I'd win.

HELLO?! Tyra: Do you know that all of America is rooting for you? Do you know that? I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU.


HOW DARE YOU? You rolling your eyes and you act likes 'cause you've heard it all before John: We're just shocked we are standing here when we've modeled H2T, week after week.

James: And we wanna stay, we wanna keep smizing.

It is not our time to go.

Tyra: The judges were so disappointed in you, that tonight, both of you must pack your bags.

John: WHAT? James: Are you joking? You want me to pack my own bag? John: This is so unfair, we deserve this.


Tyra: BE QUIET James: I can't believe this.

How dare you? Tyra: STOP IT! I have never, in my life, yelled at a girl like this.

John: Fine.

We'll pack our bags and we'll go.

Tyra: WE ARE ALL GOING TO LONDON!!! [Fireworks explode.

Patriotic, celebratory music plays] Tyra: And you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you!!! GOING TO LONDON!!! Nobody is going home! [Whoop and cheering] Tyra: Did I freak you out? John: Yeeeesssss.

I thought you were mad at us.

James: Oh my god, I'm going hooooome! John: [screams] Tyra: My heart has never beat this hard in a judgi.

[static] [outro music] [Tiffany from ANTM voice heard in background] James: Besides, you don't know me.

John: Yeh, Tyra.

[laughs] [John attempts to speak and chokes] James: ooooh.

John: When we've modeled for you H2T, every week! James: And we gwonna.

[laughs at mistake] fuck! John: We're just shocked that we're.

James: No, can you take a beat? OW! John: WHAT?! James: Ooooh.

You made me jump.


[John laughs].

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