ANTM BTS CYCLE 22: Catching Up With The Cycle 22 Elims

-[mumbling]-We've been having fun.

That's the mostimportant thing, -to be honest.

But—Biking a little bit.

Eating a lot morethan we should.

-Getting fat.


-Getting some tan, I know.

-Getting tanned.


-Working out.

-A little bit.

It's definitelylike a stress reliever.

We don't haveto constantly worry about eliminationor going home or that kind of things.

It's been funjust relaxing a little bit.



-Naps are fun.

-[laughs] It definitely gives you timeto reflect -on what you've done wrong—Yes.

And whatyou're doing right.

And it helps you focus onwhat you need to grow, what you need to do as a modelto stay in this competition.

I found thatalthough I was eliminated, that I've healed so muchand I got to get away, and honestly focus on myselfas a model.

And what I want to bringto this competition.

Well, try to keep it up with the peoplewho are still in the house.

That kind of thing,just keeping focused.

I keep just reiteratingin my head what Yu Tsai told meand things that they told me were the reasons I went home, so that I couldreally work on them and show themthat I'm changing.

Yeah, definitely just keep,uh, keeping my head up.

You know, it's never over.

Someone's gonnaget voted back in, so.

just staying strong, keeping focused,and taking care of myself.

Everybody who got eliminated or everybody'sin the competition or not in the competition,we all, like, shared this experiencewith each other, so that's like.

-really big to me.

-It's been amazing.

So, hopefully,I'll look at this competition after everything's over,we're still cool.

We're still gonnakeep gathering.

We all wonif we decided that we've won.

The person who winsis not the person who gets the titleat the end of the day.

It's what you dowith the experience.

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