ANTM BTS CYCLE 22: Interview with Lori Openden of The CW Network

Hi, my name is Lori Openden.

I'm executive vice presidentof talent and casting at the CW Networkhere in Burbank.

The CW,as well as any network, looks for talent.

First and foremost,we look for talent.

And because we havea lot of pretty faces on the CW, some peopledon't realize that.

But nobodyreally gets on our air, unless they have the talent to back upthe attractive looks.

That's very important thatI put that out there.

To be an actor,I– It's not just about how you look.

It was an interesting groupof people.

Some were better than others, and a couplewere pretty impressive.

It's very special for themto break out of modelinginto being a movie star, television star,or even a working actor.

But it is possible.

It takes a lot of hard workand talent.

Source: Youtube