ANTM BTS CYCLE 22: Interview With Nyle – ASL Interpreter For Nyle

My name is Ramon Narrod, I'm the sign languageinterpreter for America's Next Top Model with Nyle DiMarco.

Well, working with Nylehas been a pleasure.

I mean, he's suchan easy person to work with.

And, I mean, we're quite luckybecause I actually met Nyle when he first landedto do the show.

We had never met before.

We met on Skyperight beforehand for a very short time.

So, you alwaysget kind of nervous– You know,and I always get nervous that I wanna make surethat the customer or the client is gonna likemy work product.

So, you know, and I send insome work samples to see if he liked it,and then, you know, end up finding out thathe hadn't seen it, and he just happened to seemy sign style while we were on Skypetogether, and felt confident enough.

And, so, when I met him,initially, it was kind of vibe outwhether or not he likedwhat I was putting out, which, of course,is always up to him.

Whether or nothe would want to work with me, and it's worked out thus far.

When you're on a reality show,it's truly unscripted.

Like, I have no ideawhat's going to happen.

I never know whatpeople are gonna say.

So, especiallywhen you're on panel, and you have Kelly, Miss J,and Tyra speaking a lot of times,at the same time.

A lot of timesmaking up words, and, you know,a lot of attitude being thrown out.

And being able to embody that, so Nyle understands everything that's going onat the same time, can be challenging.

But it's been a fun challenge,I have to say.

"Tooch booch.

"has been interesting, 'cause, you know,they're, like, doing the chest and booty at the same time.

But yet, while you're signing and putting it into a sentence is kind of like.

Wait? So, now I'm gonna.

put it out therewhile I'm signing and then still bein the moment? Has been challenging.

"Smizing," we always usedto fingerspell it, Nyle and I did, and then, you know,sometimes you're like, "Oh, well, you wanna smilewith your eyes.

So, smile with your eyesbut not with your face.

" So, like, so a lot of times, when you're in the moment,you're like, "Okay, smize.

Do it with your eyes but–Not with your–" So, whenwe're in photo shoots, or, you know, sometimesthat helps out a lot.

Coming to dosomething like this and being able to workwith somebody like Nyle has– It's been a pleasure.

It's– Not many peoplehave that opportunity, and I guess I'm the lucky one.

Well, I think you see a lot.

You see this a lot.

Which is the fierce, like.

Being fierce.

And so–And this is something that actuallyTyra asked me to sign.

And, you know,the concept of being fierce is to be strongand to be in the moment.

And, so, I guess, you know,we always do this, but it's like the attitude that goes alongwith being strong is to be fierce, and, so, it's just puttingthat conjunction of the face and the sign together.

So, "Always be fierce.

" That's somethingI think people probably would like to know.

Source: Youtube