ANTM BTS CYCLE 22: Late Night On Set With Kelly Cutrone

Hey, everybody,it's Kelly Cutrone, America's Next Top Model, Cycle 22.

We here,we're at a challenge.

This is the site of wherea challenge has happened for Simply Be,it's one of my clients.

Simply Beis an international brand.

It's from the United Kingdom, and it's sold to bubblyand its real curvy girl.

Which is awesome, because plus sizeare fiercely real, or curvy girlsare usually left out.

So, a lot of times,fashion designers don't even make clothesover an eight or a ten, and some of the brandsthat do– Oh, quiet down.

And some of the brands that do make clothesover an eight or a ten, just kind of put those sizesin the back of the store.

So, while all the girlsthat are under that size, they're all like,"Oh, my God, this is amazing.

" And the girlthat's over an eight or a ten has to kind of, like,hang her head low and go to the backof the store.

So, Simply Be turned thatall upside down and really broughtaffordable and fierce fashion to womenwho want to be stylish who are over a size eight.

It's not that complicated,is it? No.

So, it was really coolbecause I got to meet Whitney Lee Thompson tonight, who is the America's Next Top Model winner.

She's alsoa fiercely real girl.

Coincidence? No.

Anyway,I got to work with her, and she was really,really fun and– We should show you guyshow cool these sets are.

-Like, look.

-[man chattering] Like, I look.

I look likeMary Poppins' evil cousin at the beach.

-[crew chattering]-"Oh, no, where are my children? They've been eaten by sharks.

" This is really cool,if you come over here.

This is like cityscape.

Like, I can't even tell you how much I wishthis were real.

[laughs]Super fun.

This is kind of like,"Ciao, cardo, como estais?" I'm so gladI got to go to Italy.

This one is like.

[imitating shivering] Who stole my socks? [laughs]And then.

This one.

Is really.

-[man chattering]-.

Really fun.

-Whoop, sorry.

-[man] You had them– You can do anything.

It's like we're ruiningtheir whole moment.

This is like zen.

Kind of like.

It puts an omenin your home, green.

Oh, how do I look?Ha, ha.

Okay, so that was it.

This is what we did.

-[man chattering]-And here's Whitney.


-Also, I want to show you some of my favoriteother stars in this show.

What can I be for Halloween? [laughs] Oh, wait,I thought this were– Was fake bread.

-[man chattering]-This is– [woman]I thought it was, too.

-[laughs]-This is not fake bread.

The Top Model is a real show, okay? We do not skimpwhen it comes to props.

Source: Youtube