If I could createany type of app, I wouldprobably create something involving shoe designand styling.

Those are oneof my two passions, so if I could intertwineboth of those things or some type of app where it'll let youcreate aesthetics for silhouettesin terms of shoes and anything like that.

I would definitely love that.

I was really big into physicsin high school.

I was in AP Physics.

My teacher loved me.

I always made A's,but I feel like an appthat would help you study, as in having flash cardsand like, random facts.

Something like that,like a flash card app that would help with, like, physics, science,math, and engineering.

That would help you study and get better for your testand stuff.

Maybe like an appthat could help you put together your outfits.

Maybe like different typeof colors.

Throwing colors together.

You know,to prepare you for the week.

There's an appwhere you can, like– It detects what songyou're listening to and it tells you what songit is.

So, I would create an applike that, that types, like, the words when someone's speakingin a different language to interpret itso I understand them.

It's science.

Get into it.

[inhales] [giggles].

Source: Youtube