ANTM BTS CYCLE 22: Soy The Fashion Dog

So, today's photoshoot,we're shooting high fashion with a dog.

And, of course,I brought my dog, Soy the Frenchie.

And everybody always asks me why is her tonguesticking out.

Well, about four years ago,I had a stroke.

On the right side of my face, and it went sadjust like her face.

She had a stroketwo days after.

So, we became one.

I guess she was takingall the sympathy pain from me, and that's whywe bonded so well.

I has healed since.

But Soy has a little residualof the tongue sticking out.

[mimicking slurring]So, once in a while, I stick my tongue outto make her feel good.

That's when you knowyou love your dog.

As you know–That's when you know your dog loves you.

Do we look alike?.

Source: Youtube