ANTM BTS CYCLE 22: Tour Of Zappos Headquarters

♪♪ [Both] Hi! It's extremely importantto impress Zappos.

[Zappos representative] Everyone that comes to visit Zappos can sit in the "royalty for a day" chair so you can experience a little extra luxury.

[Hadassah] Whoever does win will be modeling for their brand.

So you'd wanna make an amazing impression and you wanna make sure they remember your face and your name.

Thank youfor the selfie.

-[Mikey] Hey!-[shouts] Yeah, I thinkthey're having fun.

-[Devin] Hey!-[girls laughing] [Mikey] Going into the building, I've seen exactly what they want.

They want happiness, they want a young,hip, fierce model.

And I feel like that's exactly who I am.

And I could representtheir company.

I hope you allhad an amazing tour and an amazing experience today.

I can't waitto see you again.

-Thank you!-[All] Bye!.

Source: Youtube