ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Camping Shoot Just For Fun

♪♪ We are out in the elementsfor real.

♪♪ Yu Tsai saidit's a group shot.

[Mamé] We're getting ready for our group shot and they're dressing usin some cute lumberjack-style clothes with the plaidand the jeans.

And I love my outfit.

It's something thatI would definitely wear.

[Yu Tsai] Final five, you guys.

[All]Yeah! It's Top Five.

It's incredible.

If I jointhe competition, now, -I win.

-[laughing] I'm very proudof myself.

I am.

I'm growing, ya know, not only as a model, but as a personas well.

Remember, it's notjust modeling yourself, you've got tomodel the clothes.

So if your sleeve is up,maybe in your picture, you're touching the sleeveso there's action to it.

[Yu Tsai] Can we get started? ♪♪ [Yu Tsai] Ooh, cute.

Enjoy each other's company.

This is rarewe get to do this.

The group shot–it was laid back, very chill.

One, two, three, go! -[shutter clicks] -We were just jumping, laughing, havinga good time.

Great jumping.

It looks really cool.

Interpreter]I'm just gonna have fun, clear my mind–I focus on myself.

I'm not gonna worryabout anybody else.

-[shutter clicks] -It's really nice, it's coming outof the woods, you know? I want you guys to be sopowerful, these trees disappear.

Only thing I seeis you guys.

[Mamé] Yu Tsai, he's just looking like Little Red Riding Hood in his capeand just loving us [Mamé] loving our energy.

[Yu Tsai] You guys are so happy.

-Do you guys get along? -We like each other.


-You guys are so professional.

-I have to say.

-Thank you.

Thankfully, we allget along, ya know? None of us have any problems with each other.

But, I mean, everybody here right now is a threat.

Ya know, it's– you don'tmake Top Five for nothing.

Mikey, rule of thumb:when you put hand inside the pocket of the clothes,never put all the way in.

-[shutter clicks] – Nice.

The Top Five!C'mon! [Yu Tsai] Yes! It's a wrap.

I love it.


Source: Youtube