ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Catching Up With Don Benjamin

I've been shootinglike crazy.

I shot a few campaigns,Caterpillar Footwear, did some stuffwith Calvin Klein– um, like, the faceof Forever 21, right now.

I'm working a loton my music, I'm in the middleof signing a record deal.

So, yeah, we'vebeen doing that like crazy just tryingto get the project together.

A lot of traveling,I was in Europe for like,two weeks.

I had a lot of fansout in Europe, because, I guessthe show is huge, like everywherein Europe, so– Oh, life is amazing.

It's– it's still weird,like, people recognizing me, and coming up to me.

You know what I'm saying? Like die hard fans.

They're like, "I've been watchingthe show for years, and you're my favoriteout of everyone," and I'm like,"What? That's crazy.

" – That's crazy, so.

– [woman laughs] No, lifeis definitely amazing.

It's a blessing,I'm able to provide for my familyfinancially now, and do whatI love to do, so it's definitelybeen a crazy platform for me.

The ANTM fame is crazy.

Like, this show is worldwide,so it's like, you become like,a worldwide star.

So it's insanehow many people watch the showand how many people are into itand are all about your life.

I hang outwith Marvin all the time.

He was actuallyat my house yesterday.

He stayed overlast night.

He's– I think he'scoming back today, so– Yeah, me and Marvinare still, like, best friends.

I think I'm in, like–at least like– three or four citiesa week since ANTM, yeah.

The best placeI've been so far is either Barcelona,Spain or Paris.

then I'm goingto Hawaii tomorrow.

( chuckles )Yeah, it's been amazing.

My main adviceis just really give everything your all,don't sit around and wait for opportunitiesto come to you.

Try to createyour own opportunities, like network,get out, go to events, talk to people,stay steady in shooting.

Like, do whateveryou have to do, or whateveryou think you may have to do to take your successto the next level, because nobody'sgonna come and help you.

They don't reallycare about you if you don't careabout yourself.

Source: Youtube