ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Catching Up With Whitney Thompson


since I won America's Next Top Model, I've shot for pretty much everyonein America.

Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue,JC Penney's, I mean, Walmart, Hanes,all the major competitors.

And then I moved to London.

My main agency is there.

I shot for Italian Vogue.

I've done campaignsfor Panache, South Africa, Singapore,Paris, Greece, Sweden.

So, I've just been everywhere,modeling.

What I think successfullyfor a really long time now.

I tell people that America's Next Top Model is the most difficult thingthat I've ever done, but it's also the best thingthat I've ever done.

I mean, if I hadn't done the show,I would still be– Well, I'd probably would'vegraduated college by now, but I can guaranteeI wouldn't have seen so many places.

I can guarantee I wouldn'thave been snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, you know, or petting penguinsin South Africa.

The experiencesthat I've been able to have because of the showare just incredible.

I mean, I– I thank Tyraevery day.

It's just such a blessing.

Recently, I got marriedin Scotland.

And my husbandis actually a chef and an artist,and we opened a restaurant outsideof Nashville, Tennessee.

So, it's farm-to-table,we source everything locally and it's justmainly what I do.

You know,over there seven days a week, and it's really fun, and it's greatbecause as a model, you don't havea lot of control.

You know, your agentcalls you and says, "You're goingto Africa tomorrow.

" And you're like,"All right.

" You know, that's it.

So, being the ownerof a restaurant, I get to, you know,make my own decisions.

And so,that's been really nice.

And I still didLondon Fashion Week, of course, and, like,I've still been doing campaigns,but I'm trying to slow down a little bit on thatand focus more on something that I have more power over.

Yeah!I feel like my cycle was extremely successful.

We had so many girlscome out of it that are massive models now.

And I thinkthat's really incredible.

It says a lot about the peoplewho cast the show.

I'm still friendswith Stacy Ann.

We had dinner togetherin London.

Fatima and I, actually, we weren't friendson the show, but we ended upbeing neighbors [laughs]in New York, yeah.

In Hell's Kitchen,so, we're friends now.

And, so, yeah,I definitely keep in contact with the girls,and it's so cool because you meet up, you know,in other parts of the world.

And, like,I randomly run into Claire on the streets of New York.

Like, all the time.

It's the weirdest thing.

[laughs] Like, just, "Hey!There you are again.

" And in New York City, like,it's, you know, it's weird, but we had such a great cast.

I've– I think the main thingis just to persevere.

And, honestly,being on Top Model, the thingthat helped me the most was making it biggerthan yourself.

Don't win the show because you thinkyou're pretty and you wanna win the show.

Win the show becauseyou believe in something.

Becauseyou wanna change lives.

Because I'll tell you,the fan mail that I get, is not,"Hi, we like you becauseyou're pretty and cute.

" It's, mm,"My daughter had bulimia and she wouldn'tseek treatment until she saw you on TV and nowshe's actually getting help.

" You know,like, the fan mail is so powerful.

And, of course, I've becomea spokesperson for the National EatingDisorders Association after winning, and having thatto motivate you.

You know, when your feet hurt,when you're tired, when you're jet lagged.

It just–It really keeps you going.

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