ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Episode 6 Preview – Ken Mok

(music and cheers) – Hey, models! I'd like tointroduce you to winner of America's Next Top ModelCycle 10, Whitney Lee Thompson.

– Hey guys! – Whitney is a super successful curvy model, and coincidently, sheworked for my client, Simply Be.

– The Simply Be spokesperson is aa former winner of America's Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson.

Who wasa plus size winner, uh, from our show.

– Ah! God! -Whitney's gone on to great successas a plus size model, uh, from our show.

She's represented the plus size worldreally well, and she's gonna get a chance to work with the models onthe challenge and pose with them.

– So have y'all had sex? You and Mame.

'Cause I really do think y'all are a cute couple.

– This is our third cycle with both men and women, uh, and obviously thedynamic has completely changed.

A lot of the cast members now havereally become interested in each other.

There are romances that developedwithin the house.

– I think that you guys should be likeat a party, and like Mame and Mikey should be making out.

– And there are jealousies that arise as well because a lot of times atphoto shoots, the cast members who are involved with each other are notpaired up in the photo shoot.

It's some interesting jealousies and uh, uh, andother dynamics kind of came into play that not only played out the set,but back at the house.


Source: Youtube