ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Extra Scenes – Mamé’s Spa Win

♪♪ [Mamé] I win the "Freeze and Splash" challenge – [shutter click]- and my prize was massages atthe Ciel Spa at SLS – [elevator dings]- This place looks nice.


Welcometo Ciel Spa SLS.

I decide to take Hadassah with me.

We have been getting along and I think we needto connect.

This is the great wayto do it, so why not? Come along with me, girl,we're gonna get spa treatment.

♪♪ [Hadassah] I love hanging out with Mamé.

It's funny because in the beginning Mamé and I hadso many differences that I was just arguingwith her a lot.

But now, ya know,we're getting a lot closer– genuinely feels likewe're friends.

[Hadassah] It's kind of weird, like, you know Devin was sort of, like–all day he's been trying to say -things about– talk about him,-Talkin' about Mikey.

and I'm, like, "Um, you guys are,like, best friends.

" I thought y'allwere best friends.

-I'm not gonna say anything.

-No, but both of them, honestly– – I think seeing each other's colors.

– Really? [Hadassah] I can tell that there's something going on between Mikey and Devin because he's talking about Mikey,like, behind his back.

Devin's nervous becausehe's been doing bad, like, past three panels, been on the bottom.

And I don't know ifMikey's, like, feeling like, either that's dragging himdown with him? Maybe so.

I pretty much just need to,like, stay focused and stay out of their drama.

My plan is to focus on myself.

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