ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Lean & Bite with Tyra and her Mom

I have a funny storythat I'd like to share.

And it involvesmy early modeling days in Italy.

And we used to lovethis restaurant.

We would save my money, and my mom's money,an we weren't making a lot.

My mom had a joband I was new to modeling.

But we were in Italy.

And there was a restaurantcalled "Cotaraggia" in Milano.

And we were in Milan,and we would go there three timesa week and spend the little bit of moneythat we had on this really fancyChinese restaurant.

And outside of that,we lived on soda and pizza.


And in the morning, an Italian briochekind of thing.

And like,some cafe au lait.

Cafe– no, cafe latte.

Or cappuccino.

So, one day, we're in our littleChinese restaurant.

The fancyChinese restaurant.

I have one dishin front of me, she has her one dish,that's all we could afford.

This tablefull of people across the way, 10 peopleordering so much stuff, laughing, drinking.

[imitates laughter] -Big family.

-Lobster, shrimp.

Just all kinds of stuff.

Just fancy, fancy.

They took a coupleof bites of that.

And they just drankand were jolly.

They sat there for two hours,the food sat there.

Then they paid their checkand they left.

All that foodon the table.

Was just sitting there.

And my mom and Iare sitting across from that table,looking at it.

And we took our forks,and just.


Leaned over.

-Leaned over.

And we cleanedthat food up, child.

-So just to let you know.

-We ate it, we ate it.

Don't have pride when you're tryingto start out.

You wanna live the good life?Save your money, honey, and just lean.

-[laughs]-and bite.

Lean and bite.

When your pocketsare lean, lean.

And bite.

Source: Youtube