ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Meet Anthony De La Rosa of New Faces Division, Next Management

My name is Anthony De La Rosa.

I workon the new face division at Next Managementin Los Angeles.

So, my job would beto make sure the girls have their casting details.

I work to buildthe girls' books.

I findthe right photographers to shoot the right girlsand, like, I matched them up so that we get a good.

Yeah, any time.

A good pairingbecause some photographers won't get certain girls and certain girlsdon't respond well to certain photographers,so it's about finding a cool editorial photographerto shoot the weird girl.

And a goodlifestyle photographer to shoot, like, the hot.

Sports illustrated girl.

Open calls are great.

You can– I would.

Research in your local areawhich modeling agencies have open callsand go to them.

It's a good place to start.

When you go to an open call,don't dress up too much.


wear, like,a suit and tie if you're a guy, or don't–If you're a girl, don't show up in, like,a little dress.

They want–The agents want to see the models as they are.

How they would dress normally.

They want to see youas natural as possible, so that means no makeup,your hair natural.

Always, if you're a girl,bring a hair tie, a bikini.

A super simple, plain black, tiny,little bikini is perfect.

And just wear jeansand a t-shirt and heels.

It's about reallybeing natural and yourself.

For a guy.

Kind of the same thing.

Really natural clothes,just like, jeans and t-shirt.

Make sure that you haveon, like, some briefs or like.

some underwear,in case they ask you to do digitalsto show your body.

And then hair really natural, you don't needto slick it back.

Just kind of a–They want to see how you are naturally.

What really sets Next apartfrom other agencies, I feel like is we really,really look for personality and that special star quality.

That's really rareand it's super hard to find.

And so, of course,your body, your face, all of that is important.

But what really, really carries modelsthe extra mile longevity is the personality.

Source: Youtube