ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Meet Tyra’s Glam Squad

I'm Kiyah Wright,and I'm a hair stylist.

And I've been styling Tyrasince 2005.

I'm Valente Frazier.

I am a makeup artist.

And I have beenTyra's makeup artist since 2003,like late 2003.

And I'm Tina Hall,and I've been with Tyra since 2005 as well.

She is experimental, -which is what I love.


Tyra, I like, you know,she's one of the few clients that– And I must say, -I've grown—Me too.





-You know, by working with her because she always pushes me.

Some–You know, there are seasons she doesn't want foundation.

-I may sneak some more.

-[all laughing] You know, but, but still.

You know, she allows meto kind of experiment.


-And come up with fresh, -fresh, new ways—Yeah.

Of doing makeup,so it always looks current.

You know,someone like myself who's been doing makeupfor almost two decades, you know,I've seen makeup artists that– that are–Have started around my time, and sometimes you geta little stale.

-Especially when you work—And you start– -.

With the same person.

-The same person.

Who doesn't want to change.


-You know, your– your hand -starts to look dated.


You know, your workstarts to look dated.

But with her,she's always pushing.

She's always doingsomething current and different new.

Same thing with hair.

[overlapping talking] We work together,he's always like, "Oh, my God, I'm glad you're here.

" 'Cause we– You know,it's just a fresh start.

It's great working with her,and you know, like he said, she pushes– pushes us.

Like this season,she wanted to go short.

This was a great seasonfor, probably all of us -creatively, because she—[Tina] I think it's my favorite thingthat happened this seasonwas that short hair.

Yeah, like, she came inand she called me.

Was like, "I want to trysomething different for this season.

" It's interesting whata haircut can do.

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