ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Model Interview – Hadassah

– You're a pageant girl? – Yes, I am.

I've like been doingpageants for like awhile now.

I was like looking for somethingto do that was gonna help me build my confidence, and it did just that for me.

The reason I wanted to be apart of America's Next Top Model is I've been a big fan ofthe show since Cycle 1, so um I always wanted to be a model,but, you know, not being exactly tall enough has beena difficult, you know, thing for me in the modeling industry, sothis was my perfect opportunity.

Even though I'm a pageant girl, like I'm not coming to win Miss Congeniality.

I mean, I came in as a beautyqueen/pageant girl from Texas, like with big hair and curls, andthen they shaved one side of my hair.

(laughs) And um, I tried to, you know, theywanted me to be more edgy.

Um, so, it was definitely hardfor me.

I cried a lot, but I got over it, and now I like it! I think that, more so thananyone else in the competition, I'm very used to the competitive world, and I don't really get involvedin like all of the extra stuff on the side.

I'm focused on winning.


Source: Youtube