ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Mom Stories


But I'm gonna pick just one.

This is a short story about Nyle when he was a little boy.

I took him over to the grocery store with his twin brother, and the older brother, so the three of them are a year and a half apart, going to the grocery store by myself with the three boys.

I had them all in the cart.

We were going around.

We went to the cashier, we were ready to check out.

We head off to go home, and I asked Nyle, "Did you take anything form the grocery store?" "No, I didn't take anything," was his response.

I said, "Are you sure, Nyle? You didn't take anything from the grocery store?" "No, nothing.

I didn't.

Nothing of that.

" And I looked down and his shorts were full of things in his pocket.

There's pounds of things in his pocket.

And I said, "Well, what's in your pocket?" He said, "Nothing.

" I said, "What's in your pocket? Let me see into your pockets.

" And it was all candy, of course.

He stuffed his pockets full of candy.

So I decided to bring him back to the grocery store.

And I told him he had to apologize for what he did.

And that he made a mistake.

[Interpreter as Nyle] How old was I? He was about four years old at that time.

We were goingto the market, and we saw somepeople speaking French.

And Mamé,by that time, she can speakFrench frequently.

So, the peoplestopped us.

And I would drag you,Mamé, "Let's go, let's go!" ( speaking native language ) Yes, then, pour quoi? And I said, "Mamé,what are you doing?" ( laughing ) I was just talkingto the people in French, because we wereliving in Switzerland and I becamefluent in French, so I guess,when we were at the market, I would just stop and talkto anyone and everyone.

And she's just like,"Come on!" And, too,when it comes on the T.


So I said,"No, no.


-"You are afraid of this.

" It was a newscast,it was a news– They were trying to getus to answer questions about what we had seen, about somethingthat just happened.

And I didn't see anything,but I just wanted to talk– "Yeah, this happened.

" My mom's like,"Girl, come on.

" We're not talkingto no news people.

Source: Youtube