ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Sushi Night Out

We're in Vegas! We're all so excitedfor being in Vegas.

( clapping, laughing ) Vegas is amazing becauseit's just a fun energy that you feelwhen you come, it's like– Anything goes.

You see the sushiset up from Katsuya.

[Hadassah]This is beautiful! [Lacey] I'm a sushi girl, like.

I will go hamon some raw fish.

I love sushi.

[Devin] Nyle! Ahh! [Nyle's interpreter] I'm a sushi fan.

I've probablyhad two to three rolls just by myself.

We've been herefor along time now and this is ourfirst night off.

[Mamé] Wait, seriously, is this– Taste the pistachio ice cream.

That's not–Oh, (bleep ) -Yeah.

-Great! Dumbass.

[Mikey] The food is great.

Everythingis delicious, but I'm justnot used to it.

[Mamé] Are these shrimp cooked? [Mikey] The shrimps are good.

-Eat that.

-Eat that.

I dare you.


-[Devin] No! [Mikey] It might be good! -[Devin shouts] -[Mamé] How's the shrimp! -It's good?-Yes.

-[Devin] It's good? -[Mikey] You know what? I don't knowwho's going home, I really don't.

Hadassah, I actually think you dida really good job today.

-[Devin] Yeah, Hadassah today– -You looked really sexy.

[Mikey] It's gonna be hard– It's gonna be hard to say that you're going home.

Well, they're notlooking for "America's NextTop Sexiest Person.

" Even thoughthat would be me.

[all laughing] Mikey definitelyflirts with me a lot and I have flirted back with him, but it's pretty innocent.

I think he'sa lot of fun to be around.

You look really good.

She did a good job,Hadassah.

Do not give methat look, Nyle! [Mikey] All right, so Nyle wants to say, to the most importantpeople in his life, especially this cycle,cheers to us.

-[Mamé] Yes.

-[Hadassah] Aw.


Top six, ANTM,Amnerica's Next Top Model.

-[Devin] Top six.

-Top six, Vegas, baby!.

Source: Youtube