ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: The Hummingbird Incident

Oh, my God,look at that big– -What is that?-Wait.

-[screams]-Is that a hummingbird? -A mosquito.

-It's going to bite your ass.

-It's a, um—Woodpecker.

[Mikey]This cycle will show that Mikeydefinitely has a way with the ladies.

All of them.

I'm very opento a lot of things.

I like all types of women.

Mikey flirts with everyone, but he's very smart,he's really cool, and I think a lot of peoplegravitate to him -because of that.

-Hey, aw, she's crying.

-Don't worry, baby.

-[all coos] -It's so cute!-[mumbles] -We good, baby, I got you.

-Oh! -Oh, [bleep].


Source: Youtube