ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: What Are You Afraid Of?

When I was a kid,I was at my uncle's house.

Me and my sister Nicole,we were sleeping on the couch.

And it wasa really spooky house, there has been para–panora–panamorm- Paranormal activityhas taken place there before.

So I'm a little kidand I'm hearing somebody literally right next to meon the coffee table eating something.

I was too scaredto open my eyes, but I just heardsomebody going, "Mmm, yum, yummy.

" And I'm a little kid,I'm not gonna open my eyes.

I'm scared –.

And in the morning,my uncle's cigarette pack was all crumbled up.

All these cigaretteswere all broken up.

And tobaccowas everywhere, so– I don't knowwhat happened, but somethinghappened, and that would probablybe my scariest moment.

So I do see spirits,I don't believe in the wholewitchcraft thing, well I do,but I don't practice it.

I'm Christian, but I definitelydo see demons and spirits.

I guess that's a littlegift that I have.

And I can sometimessee things in my dreams before it happens,sort of like.

Um, I usedto be afraid of the dark.

I still kinda am,but I mean, this is a shoot.

Everybody'sgonna be around, so, I'm all for it,and I'm here with cool people.

I feel like all of ushave gotten pretty close.

And I'm readyfor the challenge of shooting in the dark,as well as spending the night in what looks like a haunted,haunted, friggin' cabin.

I'm not scaredof ghosts or anything like that,that was a kid thing.

I could walk in the cabinright now, pitch black, I'm not scaredof anything being in there.

That's not whatI'm scared of.

But I would sayjust letting my family down, you know? You know howyou have repeating dreams, like scaryrepeating dreams? Well, my dreamis not being able to have a voiceand then being captured by someone in the dark.

And so I guessI don't like being in control and not havinga voice.

Source: Youtube