ANTM CYCLE 22 BTS: Why Should You Be America’s Next Top Model?

Mikey is America'snext top model, because Mikey does notrepresent men nor women.

Mikey representsanybody with a dream and who is seriousabout making it a reality.

It doesn't matterwhere you come from or where you're going,and I plan on being living proof that you can come fromabsolutely nothing and make it somethingif you stay determined, true to yourself,that's it.

I want to be morethan just a model.

I'm not herejust to look pretty.

I really havebeen listening to everything the judgeshave been saying about businessand branding and just marketing yourselfand always doing more, looking ahead,and I feel like that's what I'm goingto bring to this title when I win it, is I'm notjust gonna be a model, I'm gonna beso much more, and I'm gonnado so much with it.

And I just can't waitto use everything I've learned and apply itin the real world.

I've come from a placewhere I didn't think I was worth anything,I was not beautiful, and I've changed,I've transformed into someonethat is beautiful, and I'm beautifulon the inside as well as the outand I love that I can inspirepeople in that way.

[Interpreter] The reason why I should be America's next top model is because I can make an impact on people globally and change their perspective on deaf people.

I can change that.


Source: Youtube