ANTM CYCLE 22: Episode 8 Preview – Tyra Banks

– Perfect.

Perfect! Love that!- This photo shoot is inspired by Life Size, the movie.

(models cheer) I did a movie with Lindsay Lohanmany years ago called Life Size.

– Way back in the day.

(models cheer) I played a doll that came to life.

Her doll, that she detested, but then ended up loving.

– You're all gonna be transformed into living, life-size dolls.

Just like Tyra.

The models are life-size models of their own doll.

– It looks like it's easy, like I'm just standing here and I'm just going er- er- er- er- But it is so technical.

The boys and the girls had tolearn how to look dead alive.

So it's not like.

It's more like.

– Everyone's going to get a themed doll.

We had really crazy themes like We had really crazy themes, like Boom Boom Boom Voyage, andSavage Smize doll, and Fierce Fashionista,and that was a big challenge for them.

– You're done.

I hope you're here next week.


Source: Youtube