(music) We had an amazing, amazing turnout, in numberof people that applied this year.

– Hi, guys!- I enjoy wrestling.

We have thousands of people who apply.

Peoplesubmit videos.

– Even though I'm a pageant girl, like I'mnot coming to win Miss Congeniality.

– As you can see, my language requires facialexpression and body language.

I think this year, just as any other cycle, we've had anincredibe, diverse group of people, from men and women, tall, short, and everythingin between.

– We're gonna take a tour of Hollywood.

Andyou guys are actually the main attraction.

We started off Cycle 22 with a bang.

We broughtthe 32 cast members to the heart of Hollywood, put them on a double decker bus.

Right away,they met their creative director, Yu Tsai, who oversaw this bikini shoot on top of thedouble decker bus as well, which was an amazing experience for them as their traveling downthe streets of Hollywood.

– Cycle 22! And then we brought them to Hollywood and Highland.

– Hello, Hollywood! How are you guys doing? (cheers) Where we had a runway show, right on the sidewalk, right there in front of thousands of people.

Turnedinto a real spectacle.

We really kicked of the show with a bang,and I know our cast members were really thrilled.


Source: Youtube