Cycle 19 of America’s Next Top Model goes Co-Ed! And Sacha Baron Cohen Banned from Oscars

America's Next Top Model college edition,and why Sacha Baron Cohen may or may not be banned from the Oscars.

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America's Next Top Model cycle 18 doesn't premiere until next week, but the show hasbeen renewed for a 19th cycle, due this fall.

According to the CW's press release, the 19thcycle will be college-themed, scouting out model hopefuls who are also pursuing any typeof further education.

After all, Tyra herself is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

Open casting calls for cycle 19 will begin at several school campuses across the nationstarting next week.

Deadline announced yesterday that Sacha BaronCohen would be potentially banned from Sunday's Oscars ceremony due to his rumored plans toshow up to the red carpet dressed as The Dictator, the crass title character from his upcomingfilm.

An Academy representative has since cleared the air, stating that Sacha, an Academymember and star of Best Picture nominee Hugo, is not banned, but that any funny businesson the red carpet, including his Dictator stunt, is not at all welcome.

Be sure to tunein to the televised red carpet before the Oscars this Sunday to see if he behaves, andcheck back with us tomorrow for more TV scoop.

Source: Youtube