Interview with Nyle DiMarco, ANTM Cycle 22 Winner [Captioned]

Alex: So, you won! What does this mean? Nyle: Wow.

I really don’t know how to put it in words.

But it means bigger things are coming for me and for the Deaf community.

That’s the two most important things to me right now.

Alex: There were some comments by Deaf people who said they admitted they were surprised you won.

What do you think of that? Do we underestimate each other? Nyle: I don’t think we underestimate each other, it's more that we are so used to Deaf contestants, if they are on a reality show, it's already a "win," because — like I said on ANTM — because the hearing public would think that having a Deaf contestant on the show is a victory in itself.

"Why should the Deaf person also win? The person's already in the show!" But we’re skilled people and we deserve to win.

And I’m really grateful to win it all.

I’ll admit this, at the beginning, I was intimidated by all the gorgeous models.

It was tough.

I did think I would be eliminated after making the top eight.

I had a feeling I would be out.

But when I start winning, I realized I’m learning, I can learn daily, and just roll with it.

Alex: You’ve always had an interpreter with you during the show.

Now that you’ve won, do you want a personal interpreter like Marlee Matlin, or can you do it without one? Nyle: It’s tough.

Right now, I can’t afford to have different voices for me.

I need stability, my career is on the line.

I can’t have too many changes.

People wouldn’t know Nyle’s identity.

Alex: So you’ll be looking for “the interpreter?” Nyle: That’s right.

Alex: So that’s a dream job for the interpreter.

They’ll be flocking to you.

How’ll you pick the interpreter? Nyle: The interpreter must know me 100%.

I can’t just randomly pick one.

I need the interpreter to know what I’m thinking, even if I’m not signing clearly, the interpreter should be able to figure out what I mean and the words Nyle uses.

Alex: How much time do you spend daily on your skin and hair? Nyle: People’ve been asking me that — how long does it take me to get ready in the bathroom? Honestly, just five minutes.

Maybe ten minutes, tops.

I’m not high maintenance.

When I wake up, the first thing I do is my hair.

Just comb it over.

And I start my day.

It's no secret.

Alex: Many female models probably think you’re so lucky, because for them, they have to do so much work.

Nyle: Yeah! Alex: You were recently selected by People magazine as one of the most sexiest men on Instagram, and with all the attention on your abs, it seems like you’re not just an inspirational figure but a sex symbol.

How do you feel about this? Comfortable with that? Nyle: I think it’s a dream come true, really.

Not everybody can be called a sex symbol and nobody should ever be embarrassed about that.

I’m inspired about that because my impact has various aspects: I’m a sexy man – fine – but I’m also an inspirational figure, and I’m Deaf.

My appeal is so wide, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to capture all that.

Alex: Of course – people are asking — are you in a relationship with anyone now? Nyle: Nope, I’m not in a relationship.

I’m focused on my career.

Then I can focus on building a relationship.

Alex: When did you start with that gesture where you send a kiss? Nyle: When I went to Italy, I interacted with many Deaf friends and family there, and they always sent kisses.

That felt like home to me.

My family always gestures with the lips.

It just felt like home.

And I love that gesture, it just makes a connection.

And it’s a part of my culture.

In the U.


, I did this, and it became my signature, and it became a fad in the Deaf community, and hearing people do it, too.

They send me kisses.

I love it, and yes, it’s my signature.

Alex: The Deaf community is so inspired with your victory.

This is one of the biggest moments for our community, I think.

Nyle: Definitely a part of our history, Deaf history.

I can’t put it in words.

I won, period.

Alex: You did it for us.

You sweated and went through that struggle, audism, doubt, everything… Nyle: Right.

And the isolation, too.

For the last month, the isolation really got to me.

But when I won, all that went away.

I forgot how it felt.

I won, and that was important enough.

If I lost, I might have some fuming emotions.

Alex: So, you are the winner of ANTM Cycle 22, the last ANTM cycle.

Nyle: That’s right.

I’m not just the last winner of Cycle 22, but also a winner who is Deaf.

That means a lot.

It’s a good tagline – “The last winner of ANTM is… Nyle, who is Deaf.

” Many people told me, “You’ve won in my heart, no matter what happens.

” And I’m like, “Wait! I’m going to win, too!” And now I finally won, so that means I’m a winner in your heart, but also the actual winner.

It’s nice.

Alex: Congratulations!.

Source: Youtube