People Say Goodbye To America’s Next Top Model

– I will never name my kid Tiffany.

Every time I see a kid named Tiffany, I'll be like, "Be quiet, Tiffany! "Be quiet, Tiffany!" – [Voiceover] I religiouslywatched America's Next Top Model until cycle 13, I believe.

– [Voiceover] I mean, I haven't watched it in a really long time, to be honest.

I'm only 23.

We've had almost as many seasons as I've had years on this earth.

That's amazing, Tyra.

– I remember when I first discovered America's Next Top Model.

I thought it was sucha janky-looking show, because, you know, itwas the first season.

But then, like, I just saw it like grow into this cultural phenomenon.

– My favorite modeldefinitely had to be Jade, because she was a boss-assbitch with no filter.

And no one will everforget when she's like, "This is not America'sNext Top Best Friend," and she, like, went to theANTM and, like, pointed at it.

– I'm still resentful that Kimfrom season five didn't win, Kim the lesbian.

– Little gay Taylor was like, "Oh, man.

"There are models thatare gay in this world? "Like, I'm gonna findone of those as a wife.

" – Janice Dickinson was the best thing that ever graced thetelevision screen on that show.

– She kept it so real, andeven though I didn't agree with a lot of the things that she said, she kept it, like, super real.

Like, she didn't put up with anybody, including Tyra's bullshit.

– Is Miss J still on the show? Was Miss J there til the end? I hope so.

– Also, can I talk about NIgel? Hello? Like, so fine.

– And then, when Shandicheated on her boyfriend, that was like some real world shit.

– I'm sorry, but like, girl, you're on national television.

What were you doing? – Some granola bars went missing, and then, and then another girl thoughtthat some other chick had, Nicole, who ended up winning, had stolen her granola bars.

And so she went and dumpedNicole's energy drinks in the sink.

And it ended up being thewhole big drama of the season was over granola and energy drinks.

– The Tiffany episode.

When Tiffany didn't make the cut, and she wasn't quite teared up enough.

– [Voiceover] Yeah, be quiet, Tiffany! Best moment.

– I honestly don't remember anything else.

– We were rooting for you.

Like, we were all rooting for you.

And she was just like, the mostupset you've ever seen her.

We were rooting for her.

She wasn't wrong.


Like, I'm gonna miss you.

– You changed the game.

Never before was there amodeling show like this.

– We are sad to see you go.

But we gotta pull the plug onlife support at some point.

– I honestly thought that youended, like, five years ago.

But goodbye.

– [Voiceover] Tyra, we'll miss you.

But I'm sure we'll see you again soon.

– [Voiceover] Tyra will never leave us.

Source: Youtube