[Vietsub] Korea’s Next Top Model 5 Episode 1 – Hwang Ki Bbeum Cut

Come on, here we go I have confidence and I want to leave a powerful image Yeah, yeah Good Looks nice, right? So beautiful, so beautiful, quick This is the so-called high fashion This kid called high fashion themselves alone It's always nice there, looked like a foreign model Hwang Ki Bbeum, inviting you to step forward Hello sir Do you have an angular face from the eyes to look exactly like the faces that I often see in the fashion magazine world Even though I do not like your theme video very attractive but bring in this photo is really amazing You own a face that I just want to see again and again, and I just hope that you'll stay as long as possible in this competition But, please, do not be dressed at home up here are not What is it dear heaven.

If only there that you wear, the better you will look more fashionable image and likeness of a model more And in fact this is also a part of the competition should hope that later on you will pay attention to this than offline Thank you sir.

Source: Youtube