America’s Next Top Model is one of the most popular and longest running reality competitions, this show has transformed many upcoming models into experienced models and launched the career of a dozen models. If you want to be one of them and you are serious about becoming the next top model. So, it’s time to come forward and mesmerize the world with your talent and personality. This mega talent show is watched by over millions of viewers across the globe.ANTM

The beauty of this show is that a group of supermodels wannabes face weekly challenges and live together while competing for a modelling contract. Each week, contestants compete in challenges including photo shoots and runway walks and after each challenge, the contestants must face the judges. Just imagine how exciting it is when all the contestants have to showcase their talent in front of celebrity judges and live audience and the same is being telecast to the television audience. At the end of each episode, the weakest contestant is eliminated from the show. The last model left standing is crowned America’s Next Top Model at the end of the season.

“Guys and girls” this is not end of the story, there is more to come and that is the winner gets some exciting prize money and some good career opportunities as well.

•  Now if you want to make your dream of becoming a supermodel come true, don’t’ let this opportunity go like this. This year – many changes have been done in terms of selection criteria. You just need to be a US citizen, and no prior modelling experience is necessary. Now you are not too far from your dream what you are supposed to do, download a participant application form, fill and sign it. After this, you are almost on your way to becoming “America’s Next Top Model”!
Wait………………….. We have a contest for viewers as well. Want to win? This contest is very simple. You pick the winner and it could be you. What you need to do just vote and vote as many times as you can for your favourite contestants.
This new season is going to be more entertaining and will not give you the chance to switch over to any other show.
Time for some actions…………………….

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