ANTM contestants Cycle 4

America Next Top Model Contestants Cycle 4

america next top model antm contestants cycle 4

In America’s Next Top Model Ranging in age between was 18 and 25, Top Model 4’s contestants include three Californians, three Floridians (including two from Tallahassee), and unlike previous seasons, no token “plus size” contestant.

Name                                        Hometown

Brita Petersons                            La Canada, California

Sarah Dankleman                        Baltimore, Maryland

Brandy Rusher                              Houston, Texas

Noelle Staggers                          Reno, Nevada

Lluviana “Lluvy” Gomez             Modesto, California

Tiffany Richardson                      Miami, Florida

Rebecca Epley                             Stillwater, Minnesota

Tatiana Dante                               Maui, Hawaii

Michelle Deighton                      Terre Haute, Indiana

Christina Murphy                         Tallahassee, Florida

Brittany Brower                            Tallahassee, Florida

Keenyah Hill                                  Compton, California

Kahlen Rondot                             Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Naima Mora                                    Detroit, Michigan

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