antm cycle 10 contestants

America Next Top Model Contestants Cycle 10

antm cycle 10 contestants

The promotional catchphrase of the tenth cycle was “New Faces, New Attitude, New York.” The promotional song was “Feedback” by Janet Jackson.

Name                                  Hometown

Kimberly Rydzewski        Worcester, Massachusetts

Atalya Slater                       Brooklyn, New York

Allison Kuehn                    Waunakee, Wisconsin

Amy “Amis” Jenkins        Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Marvita Washington       San Francisco, California

Aimee Wright                    Spanaway, Washington

Claire Unabia                     Buffalo, New York (heritage from Philippines)

Stacy-Ann Fequiere        Miami, Florida

Lauren Utter                      Brooklyn, New York

Katarzyna Dolinska          Roslyn, New York (originally from Poland)

Dominique Reighard       Columbus, Ohio

Fatima Siad                         Boston, Massachusetts (originally from Somalia)

Anna “Anya” Kop             Honolulu, Hawaii (originally from Russia)

Whitney Thompson        Atlantic Beach, Florida

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