antm contestants season 12

America Next Top Model Contestants Cycle 12

antm contestants season 12

The twelfth cycle of America’s Next Top Model premiered on March 4, 2009 and was the sixth season to air on The CW network. The cycle’s catch phrase is “Get In The Fold.”

Name                                                  Hometown

Kelly “Isabella” Falk                        Louisville, Kentucky

Jessica Santiago                                Los Angeles, California

Nijah Harris                                            Rancho Cucamonga, California

Kortnie Coles                                       Houston, Texas

Sandra Nyanchoka                            Rockville, Maryland (originally from Kenya)

Tahlia Brookins                                     Phoenix, Arizona

Lauren “London” Levi-Nance      Arlington, Texas

Natalie Pack                                          Palos Verdes, California

Felicia “Fo” Porter                           Albuquerque, New Mexico

Celia Ammerman                             Cynthiana, Kentucky

Aminat Ayinde                                 Union, New Jersey (Originally from Nigeria)

Allison Harvard                              New Orleans, Louisiana

Teyona Anderson                         Woodstown, New Jersey


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