Next Models Miami Abby Champion

Aside from modeling for the iconic brand, Abby has quite a few gigs on her resume including Show Me Your Mumu and Soca Clothing.

Staying in model shape is exactly what she does.

Abby clearly enjoys hiking, but also hints at biking in some of her shots.

Another talent — she's becoming a YouTube star.

With a growing fanbase of a couple thousand, she only has two videos.

Abby stars in her videos with best friend and aspiring model, Charlotte D' Alessio.

Abby loves to travel the world as she dedicated this photo to her passport.

The model has been to Mexico, the Bahamas, Germany and Thailand.

Abby's Instagram is flooded with photos of her family.

Her father, Gregory Champion, who she refers to as "Greg" in a few of her pics, is a doctor.

Her bikini collection must be insane, because the majority of Abby's photos are taken on a beach.

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Source: Youtube