Rules America Next Top Model

Rules and Regulations

Once again, America’s one of the most popular reality shows America’s next  model is going to be broadcast on “The CW” network. This time it promises to be Additional attention-grabbing andjam-packed withdrama attributable to the participants’ skills and ever rising expectations of the judges. The participants are allowed to express themselves to impress the judges and audience however;they are governed by some set of guidelines set by organizers.

Important Notes:-Auditions are 100 percent free for this show and doesn’t involve any kind of purchase.

About the official contest rules:-

1 At the time application your age must be 18 to 27 years.

2 This competition is open for all those people who wish to make their career in modelling with excellent tutorial record, intelligence, graceful body.

3 You must be a legal resident of United States.

4 You must be in good physical and mental health.

5 At time of applying for the participation you must not be a part of any public office, not even throughout the broadcast of the show.

7All participants are supposed to submit new applications for the current show.

11 You need to have a current US passport for international travel.

12 The winner of the show will be eligible to get the grand prize.

14 This time around, there is no height requirement as such. However, producers may go back to previous height eligibility criteria at any point in time if they wish so.

15 Participants with no previous modelling experience are preferred.However, if producers wish they may choose a candidate with any amount of experience as they have this right to make any exceptions-in the process of selection.

17Applications from employees, Officers, directors and agents of any sponcers, distributors, suppliers, franchisees, promoters, and  the immediate families of  any of these, will not be considered.

Important note: Your audition tape should not include any music.

19 The application must be accompanied by 3 minutes long video and 3 photographs of yours. If length of the video is more than 3 minutes, it will not be considered. You can save your video and photos in USB flash drive.

20 All contestants  are supposed to live a common house  under one roof for about 1 and a half months.

21 The house is completely equipped with cameras which will record all your actions and voice all the time.

22 Once you are selected, you will be called for personal round of interview in Los Angeles, however  prior to this a medical form needs to be submitted which given by America’s Next Model team.

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