Whatever Happened to America’s First Next Top Model?

Debuting in 2003 and hosted by supermodelTyra Banks, America's Next Top Model quickly became a pop culture phenomenon.

The world loved watching aspiring models fightfor a career in the industry.

Although the series stayed on the air for12 years, one of its most famous contestants was the show's very first winner: AdrianneCurry.

The 21-year-old waitress was plucked fromrelative obscurity out of her hometown of Joliet, Illinois.

Though she didn't make it big in high fashion,Curry's reality TV career made her a household name, especially if your household watchedThe Surreal Life and My Fair Brady.

Curry split from her fair Brady, ChristopherKnight, in 2012.

Since then she's become a social media maven.

So how much has she changed? Be bad, eat good Scroll through Curry's Instagram long enough,and you'll discover there's not much she loves more than food.

She speaks for all of us in that regard.

Meanwhile, it's not as though everything Curryeats is at the top of anyone's shopping list.

She revealed a trip to the gluten-free aislein an Instagram post.


Guns out Even though Curry posts about how she eatsa lot, she also posts about how much she works out.

And she doesn't hit the gym alone, either.

Sometimes she likes to help others pump iron—likeboyfriend Matthew Rhode.

Observe: “Get them quads, baby.

” “Gotta get them quads, girl.

” Nerd Top Model Being a 5'10" model doesn't mean you can'tbe a geek.

Curry's favorite movie is The Lord of theRings: The Fellowship of the Ring, so it makes sense that she's also a big Game of Thronesfan—a seriously big fan.

But she isn't just about dire wolves and dragons.

Curry is an avid gamer, and she's earned areputation for her cosplay and appearances at cons.

For years, she's been showing off her loveof Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and Watchmen, among others.

Now that's true geek-credibility.

Sadly, it seems as though her days cosplayingare over.

At least for a while.

At the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, while shewas dressed as Catwoman, she beat up a fan who started aggressively groping a friendof hers who was dressed up as Marvel hero Tigra.

And this was far from the only incident she'ddealt with at conventions.

In 2016, Curry posted on Facebook that she'dbeen harassed and assaulted at Comic Con more often than she could've imagined–and thatshe was putting her costumes into mothballs: "Comic con has become dangerous for someonelike me.

I am almost 34 years old and am very glad I've taken a break.

When and if I return, it won't be in anythingscantily clad.

I'm sick and tired of men at these things.

" Come on, nerds.

Stop creeping on women at cons.

You're ruining it for the rest of us.

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